Firearm Training

At The Outdoorsman Sport Shop we will train you to get your conceal carry permit from Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida! Our gun safety course is not just listening to us ramble but actual hands on training. We will teach you how to draw out of various holsters, how to shoot from cover, what to do when in a confrontation, distraction techniques and much more!

Illinois CCL 16hr
Our Illinois conceal carry course covers the IL mandate of 16hr of training. We will take you through basic firearms safety all the way to how to draw from a holster. We go into depth of conceal carry law and interaction with law enforcement with hands on experience from current and retired law enforcement officers. In the last day of the class you will participate in a live fire qualification firing 30 total rounds at 5,7, and 10 yards. With this training completed you can now apply for your Illinois conceal carry license

Wisconsin CCL 4hr
Our Wisconsin conceal carry course will give you everything required to apply for your Wisconsin carry permit as well as a non resident Florida carry permit. With a in-depth explanation of conceal carry law from current and retired law enforcement officers you will get everything you need to understand what you can and can’t do with a conceal carry license. To close out the day you will participate in live fire training on our gun range.

Private lesson 1-2 people
At the outdoorsman we pride ourselves on making you comfortable with your firearm. Whether you have never fired a gun before or and looking to improve your shooting. Our NRA certified instructors will take you through every step of the way. Starting from the basics of how to hold and function a firearm, cleaning, loading and unloading we will make sure you are comfortable before moving on. To finish the lesson you will participate in live fire training on our gun range. If you don’t have a firearm you may use one of ours for not additional charge.

Hunter safety 16hr
Looking to get a young one into the great outdoors sign them up for our WI Hunter safety course. Our instructor has been teaching the joy of the outdoors and safety for 32 years. Get a first hand experience on ethical hunting and respecting nature as well as different safety tips well out in the field. With this course completed you will be able to purchase a hunting license in all 50 states.

****Ammunition not included in training course prices****